• How Technology is changing Senior Living
    Geetanjali Biswas
    06 Nov 2019
    There is no doubt that society today is an Internet-dependent one. Technology is changing the face of aging.


There is no doubt that society today is an Internet-dependent one. Technology is changing the face of aging. Technology today can even help to keep older adults healthy, safe and socially connected while making caregiving tasks less stressful for their family members.


1.      Health Tracking- Technology can help seniors and their family caregivers keep important information handy. Medical history, physician contacts, medication schedules and health conditions can be maintained in an orderly manner.

Senior health tracking tools also make it much easier for senior care professionals to have access to a complete set of information about a senior patient, thus helping to make the most critical decisions at every step.


2.      Medication Management- According to a recent survey by Medco Health Solutions, more than 55% senior agers worldwide took more than 6 medicines/ pills regularly. Medicine dispenser boxes work well, but even medication reminder smartphone apps help tremendously in reducing missed medications and prevent medication errors.


3.      Mental Exercises- We all know how experts keep encouraging senior agers to do some brisk walking and yoga to keep physically fit. But mental fitness is equally important, and our smartphones do this for us! There are hundreds of brain-development and memory booster games available for seniors. They are convenient, easy to play and definitely better than watching TV to pass your time.


4.      Social Connection- As we grow older, we realize that a small circle of close friends is more important than having a very large group of acquaintances. Staying in touch with our near and dear ones releases ‘feel good’ hormones that help in relaxing our mind and body and allow us to live happier and longer. Technology has helped millions of golden agers to connect with loved ones all over the world via video calls, messages and other social platforms.


5.      Safety- Many GPS enabled gadgets like smartphones, wristbands, keychains, etc. allow easy tracking of devices, so elders can use safety apps which allows their location to be checked by their care-takers or loved ones. Security cameras play a major role in deterring home thefts and other crimes. Nowadays, phones come equipped with special buttons which can send their exact location to the nearest police station in case of an emergency.


Technology like these and many other devices can help alleviate the stress that seniors face when taking care of themselves. It greatly helps in making life more comfortable, be sure to figure out which ones are essential for those you deeply care for.


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