• 10 Benefits of Being an Early Riser
    Geetanjali Biswas
    04 Aug 2019
    How (and why) you should be an Early Bird!

Morning is an important time of the day, what you do with it says a lot about you as a person. Both, Science and Spirituality agree on the fact that waking up early has a whole lot of benefits and advantages.

  • Proper Digestion - Waking up early and drinking warm water loosens the toxins in your system. By waking up early each morning, your body falls back to its natural state. Say goodbye to acidity, constipation and gas!

  • Stay healthy - Fitness and health is now the top priority among all age groups. Waking up early (when the sun rises) activates the energy core in your body, so that being healthy comes effortlessly.

  • Improves concentration - It’s no surprise that all the top merit achievers are early birds. All the positive and successful businessmen, artists, officers and public figures claim that sleeping for 6-8 hours but rising before 7 am works wonders.

  • Improves sleep quality - Following a predictable routine will help you sleep better each night and you wake up feeling fully rested, happy and ready for the day!

  • Get your work done - Sleeping at irregular times makes you wake up restless, anxious and irritated. Maintaining a sleep-routine each night will directly help you perform better the next day.

  • Boosts longevity - The quality of your thoughts governs the nature of your body. By waking up at sunrise, your body becomes in tune with nature. Morning time enhances the poised, mature temperament of any individual- thus boosting longevity.

  • Youthful skin - A healthy sleep routine ensures that your skin gets ample time to rejuvenate. Waking up early gives you time to hydrate, walk or do yoga which increases oxygen intake, get a healthy, glowing skin and even reverses wrinkling and greying of hair.

  • Improves productivity - The behaviors and choices we make during our daily lives is what strengthens or weakens our health, as well as our mood throughout the day.

  • Memory booster - As students, we had all been taught to learn the difficult answers first thing in the morning. That’s because our memory power is at its peak at sunrise. Staying energetic and aware of everything around allows you to stay in tune with the world around you.

  • Quality time - The beautiful thing about the human body is how swiftly it adjusts when you make a firm decision. The extra time you get when you are done with the tasks for that time of the day leaves you quality time that you can use to do what you love.

The little things we do today will bring huge pay-offs tomorrow. Being an early riser contributes greatly to health, wealth and wisdom.

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