• Age is just a number
    Geetanjali Biswas
    26 Aug 2019
    It’s never too late to follow your passions!

You may have faced some tough situations in life, there may have been many occasions when you found no success. You may feel you are too old to prosper in life, or that all the best opportunities in life are already taken. But wait, did you know that there are hundreds of people who found success after the age of 60? Read on to find how you can start following your dreams today!


  • Small changes, Big difference - There are some small steps you need to take towards achieving your dreams. The idea is to set realistic goals for yourself each day. Begin with easily achievable goals. ‘I will walk 200 steps today’ or ‘I will write at least one page today’ can help you feel physically and mentally fresh. Keep going easy on yourself and never, ever get frustrated. Enjoy the small changes you make in your life, see what a huge (and positive!) impact it has on your life.

  • Passion is Everything - When you feel strongly about something, it becomes a desire. But passion is something you desire for a long, long time. You may be passionate about dance and drama, painting, cooking, travel or even astrology! Don’t let go of that enthusiasm to learn something new, do something you are passionate about each day.

  • You are who you choose to be - Who we are today is a result of all the thoughts, words, actions and decisions we have made in our lives. But who we become is a result of small actions we take and small changes we make each day to become what we aim to be.


Your biggest strength lies inside you, never let your age stop you from discovering it and turning your world into the place you’ve always wanted. With the right attitude, patience and a lot of self-care and self-love; you will surely turn your dream into your reality!

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