• Aging Gracefully
    Geetanjali Biswas
    04 Aug 2019
    Why a Golden Ager is a Blessing for the Family

Just like sunrise and sunsets are two prominent phenomenon that occur each day, childhood and old-age are phases of life that each of us must go through. But we know that sunsets; just like the Golden Ages- are more graceful, spiritual and have deeper meaning in nature. Here’s how having a Golden Ager in a home is the highest form of blessing in disguise.

  • Setting the Best Examples - The elderly have fully lived their lives in their own stride. By their conviction and determination, they have become Masters of their Destiny. It is this eternal stage in life when action takes a back seat and instructing their other family members becomes a norm for the elderly members. Through their support, instructions, requests and sometimes even commands- the elderly have set inspirational examples for everyone to live a dignified way of life.
  • Guiding through Experience - Being a senior citizen does not always mean grey hair, stiff joints and slurred speech. Senior citizens play a very significant role to play in a nation as a whole, so a family is a very small but special unit of society. We need their guidance for a strategic and stronger future. They have an immense ocean of experience. Though they may be weak in body, their strength of experience can act as a lighthouse for significant decision makers. Many important roles in the family and community can be taken up by senior citizens who are dynamic and secular minded.
  • Mature Minds - Seniors are important because they have so much to give, intangibly, to us. Having learnt the lessons of humility and appreciation; they can be fun companions when we learn how to enjoy being in their company. Seniors know things we would never guess unless we ask and they can help us deal with disappointment, loss, grief, illness or heartache.
  • Best Teachers - Apart from these obvious benefits, we cannot neglect the support, emotional and otherwise, provided by the senior citizens. Just as our school and college teachers have shaped us academically, senior citizens as elderly parents/ grandparents shape our emotional side. It gives a great comfort to know that there is someone to fall back on to. They are not only friends, companions, experts and counselors but also the best teachers for an eternity!
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